Hola. I’m Isa Pérez.

Startup Junkie. Business Strategist. Cannatech Expert.

I work with and advise tech and cannabis companies on how to scale operations, execute strategic partnerships, and build products customers love. I’ve been employee 2, 7, and 40 at my last three tech startups in the world of transportation, fintech, and cannabis.

What I Do

🚀 Scale Operations

I cut the fat to get to the meat of scalability. Whether it’s a team of 1 or 1000, I set up workflows from the ground up, streamline inefficient processes, and document viciously along the way.

🤝  Cultivate Partnerships

I work with the right people in the right way. From end-to-end deal execution through implementation and continued success, I cultivate strategic initiatives to help companies scale.

♟ Strategize Product

I help teams build less to accomplish more. I identify the right problems to solve to avoid wasted resources and to focus on a clearly defined roadmap and go-to-market strategy.

🧐 Keep Founders Honest

I tell founders what others won’t. It can be tough at the top and I provide constructive feedback so founders and execs can become more effective and trusted leaders.

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